Secure Storage

Henlopen Storage in Lewes, Delaware, provides you with secure self storage containers thanks to our state of the art security. We take the protection of your belongings seriously. In order to provide you with secure self storage, we implement:

  • Gated Access: Only paid tenants can access our secure self storage containers. Each tenant is given a code to the computerized gate system to ensure no unauthorized personnel can walk in.
  • Surveillance: We employ a host of cameras with our video surveillance system. We use a high definition, digital video feed to ensure the highest quality. Crystal clear surveillance videos make it much easier to identify and prosecute any wrongdoers.
  • Door Alarms: Each of our secure self storage units has its own door alarm. This way we can immediately identify which one is being accessed. If you are not present when your rented container is opened, then we will know right away.
  • Secure Locks: Only cylinder locks are used at our facility. These cylinder locks fit flush with the latching mechanism so that they cannot be cut or forced open. They are very secure. They are much more effective than any padlock or disc lock.
  • Lighting: We provide ample lighting to make sure that any activity going on in our secure self storage facility can be easily seen at night.