Affordable Storage

Finding an affordable storage unit that fits your needs is easier said than done. Cheaper isn't always better because many self storage facilities skimp on the space, or heaven forbid security, just to keep pricing down. When you want the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank, visit us at Henlopen Storage in Lewes, Delaware.

How to keep your storage affordable

  • When renting, storage space is determined by the total size of the items being stored. An efficiently packed small space will cost less than a larger space. If you frequently use the space, a larger storage space that is well organized (racks and file boxes) could be more convenient.
  • The best part about Henlopen storage is that our units offer more storage space per square foot than most other places. Thanks to the higher ceilings, up to 6' higher than average in some units, you have a lot more verticle space to work with. With more storage space, you can potentially house the same amount of boxes from a competitor in a smaller, more affordable storage unit from us.
  • Another tip for affordable storage is to skip climate-controlled units if you don't need them. Generally, climate-controlled storage is needed for electronics, instruments, antiques, and fine art. If you're storing clothing, furniture, vehicles, papers, and most common items, then climate-controlled storage is unnecessary.
  • Another really great way to keep storage affordable is to check if your storage provider provides discounts for paying in advance. At Henlopen Storage, we offer bonuses for pre-paying in 6-month and 12-month increments.