Long Term Storage

Long term storage is for anyone who needs to store their belongings for longer than three months. From individuals to businesses, many people rent long term self storage units from Henlopen Storage.

Long Term Self Storage is Great For:

  • Homes with no space: If you've just plain run out of room in your closets and don't feel like piling your clothes to the ceiling, then a long term self storage container is perfect for you. 
  • Military: If you're getting deployed or transferred, you need somewhere safe to keep all of your belongings. Most break-ins and robberies happen to homes that are left vacant. Don't become a victim by keeping everything safe with long term self storage.
  • Seasonal storage: Not everyone has a shed or room in their garage to keep their seasonal items. Long term self storage is perfect for storing your seasonal items like lawnmowers, snowblowers, and holiday decorations.

Long Term Storage Tips

  • Make sure you label all of your containers. You'll forget what is packed where over time, so make it easy on yourself and buy a marker.
  • Store your clothing in airtight containers to prevent bugs, dust, and humidity from ruining them. If possible, vacuum seal your fabrics for maximum protection.
  • If you are keeping furniture in long term storage, then cover with dust sheets or a tarp. This will help prevent damages from dust.
  • If you store any power tools or equipment, make sure to completely drain the fuel out of them. Long term gas storage will clog the engines. We also do not permit fuel in our storage units, as this is a fire hazard.
  • Try to keep everything off the ground. Even with concrete flooring, moisture can still creep up from the ground.

Choose Henlopen Storage for your long term storage needs

Henlopen Storage in Lewes, Delaware is the perfect choice for all of your long term storage needs because we:

  • Have more space per square foot than our competitors
  • Have easy drive-up access to all of our units
  • Implement state of the art security to keep all your belongings safe
  • Have flexible payment options
  • And give bonuses for pre-paying in 6-month and 12-month increments