Business Storage

Better Business Through Self Storage

Business storage solutions are perfect for businesses of all types and sizes. Using a self storage unit is a convenient, safe and cost effective way for businesses to expand operations and maintain a competitive edge. A business storage tenant can increase or decrease its leased space, as need dictates. When businesses are faced with expansion, they often find themselves limited by lack of appropriate space, availability of land, zoning regulations, proximity to customers and access. Leasing storage space can provide easy access and convenient “office hours” with no appointment necessary. It also can help businesses expand market share.

Business Storage Uses

Almost any material and equipment utilized by a business can be stored and organized for use in a self storage facility. Some common uses of storage units include storing: office files, drop shipments, excess inventory, manufacturers’ samples, hospital/legal records, mobile equipment, retailers’ seasonal decorations, theatrical scenery, campaign materials, merchandise and supplies, and general business raw materials.

Henlopen Storage will make storage modifications to meet your specific needs as space permits. Henlopen Storage is the most flexible self storage provider you'll find in Rehoboth and Lewes.